Bad Product recognizes that human connection, experiences, and relationships are deeper than they may appear to be from the outside. It's when we look past our similarities that we are able to identify diversity and build true like-minded connections that can bring authentic positive value, changes, and experiences to our lives! Our apparel highlights shared human thoughts, beliefs, and experiences important to us. Proudly wear our apparel and form deeper connections before automatic judgement can invade!


Our names are Ant & Matt and we are the founders of Bad Product LLC, which we began in 2016 as two seniors in High School. We were inseparable best friends, but it wasn’t always this way. Years prior to the start of our brand, we had a strong dislike for one another primarily rooted in evident differences, friend groups & lifestyle factors. It wasn’t until Matt moved homes and we began to live within walking distance that we began to form a friendship. The true spark occurred when we began to realize despite our obvious differences that kept us apart, we had parallel values (Optimism, Personal Development, Mental Health, Empathy), beliefs (Spirituality, Universal Intelligence) issues (Financial, Mental Illness) and goals. While subconscious at the time, this is what drew us together and kept us such close friends - and now business partners - for so many years, and more to come despite initial years of assumed judgements.

In junior & senior year of high school we were, in simplest terms. obnoxiously good friends. By that we mean we truly valued and appreciated having one another in our lives, and didn’t really care about what others had to say about it. While not partaking in normal high school shenanigans (partying, etc.) we simply found joy in doing things that we valued (photoshoots, exercising, walks, etc.). There were many times when others would give us the side eye because we were so different from the rest and un-phased by it. However, the longer we didn’t care and continued to do what made us happy, the more others began to gravitate towards us.

Over the years, we have helped one another grow and blossom into the individuals we are today. By disregarding judgement and embracing connection, we work every day to unlock our fullest potentials.


I was born with an innate musicality and passion for style (my artist name is Sauce.Babyyy). I discovered my love for music and clothing at a young age. Through drawing inspiration from diverse genres such as hip-hop, R&B, and soul, as well drawing graphic images on clothing, I have grown to develop a distinct sound that seamlessly blends melodic hooks with introspective storytelling, as well as a sharp eye for graphic design and art.


I hold a teaching degree, a masters' degree in school counseling, and am continuing my education to become a mental health therapist. While I have a limited formal business background, my open mindedness and willingness to try different things has truly allowed me to embrace owning a brand. I truly enjoy spreading my beliefs, values and knowledge through the creative outlet that is clothing. I continue to set no limit on growth and trying new things.

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