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Our brand was founded by two best friends, Matt and Ant, who have completely different multicultural backgrounds. Despite our differences, in retrospect were drawn together by our energy and open-mindedness. Throughout our journey of becoming inseparable best friends, we discovered that it was not our surface characteristics that brought them together, but our ability to look past them and connect at a deeper, more human level.

At Bad Product, we believe that our differences are what make us unique, but it's our inner energy that connects us all. Our apparel and accessories provide our supporters and customers with a sense of belonging that transcends our surface-level disparities. We recognize that no two humans are alike, yet through the shared energy and connection of the Bad Product family, we can resonate with one another and find a place of belonging in this difficult world.

By joining the Bad Product family, you become a part of a community that values open-mindedness, connection, and seeing past surface-level differences. We believe that at our core, we are all human and share the same foundation. Through our collective energy, we can begin to see others as reflections of ourselves and share the gift of life as one, while still embracing our individual perspectives.