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Our Mission

It’s a small world. Smaller Than you may realize! We’re bringing this world together one crucial step at a time. Bringing creatives together of all different walks of life, gender, race, religion, and orientation. We are all born with a gift, and it’s up to us to decide what we invest our time and energy into to find that gift, and feed it. Don’t be afraid to be different and go Against the Grain.


Going for your dreams and aspirations - Taking control of your life and breeding change / setting change set bar for fashion (stray away from the norm/what everyone is doing) Be. You.


Embracing the unknown - understanding that all growth involves risk - Not remaining stagnant in our comfort zones. 


Perspective. Paradigm. Vision. There’s no two human beings that are exactly a like mentally, physically and emotionally. However we still find ways to form unique bonds and connections. Different doesn’t equal outcast. It equals freedom and open mindedness.